DIY Mason Jar Christmas Decor

by - December 7, 2015

how to make a mason jar christmas tree

Let's start off with a little honesty, shall we?

I've shared this before. Two years ago actually. BUT, it's such an easy, Christmasy craft that lends itself to years of Christmasy bliss, I just had to share it again!

As much as I wish this was my original idea, it's not. The great beast that is Pinterest planted this beauty in my head and all I've done is taken the brilliance of someone else and tweaked it to my own liking.

With that being said, here is my recipe for Christmas cuteness in a jar!

how to make a mason jar Christmas tree

  •  salt
  • glitter
  • glue gun
  • mini trees
  • mason jars
  • sparkly pretties

 1. Gather & prep your supplies. I visited the local dollar store for mini trees, glitter, and sparkly things. {The trees are usually available leading up to Christmas wherever they shelve the bits for building your own little Christmas village.} I have a rather large supply of mason jars so I just pulled some from the cold-room shelves and gave them a good wash and dry.

how to make a mason jar christmas tree
2. Attach the trees. Use a generous bead of hot glue on the underside of your lid and secure the trees there.

how to make a mason jar christmas tree
3. Add your pretties. Shake in some glitter and sparkly bits to the bottom of your jar. By adding this first it won't end up totally covered by your 'snow' in the next step. {I used silver sequins, beads, and snowflakes that were part of a Dollorama Christmas card-making kit.}

how to make a mason jar christmas treehow to make a mason jar christmas tree

4. Let it snow. I'm sure there are many options for snow but because I wasn't planning to add water and turn these into snow globes I chose to use good old kitchen salt and simply poured it into the jars on top of the glitter.

how to make a mason jar christmas tree5. Put on your lid & flip it over. My trees were a little wider than the mouth of my jar so I had to coax them gently through the opening. When you turn the jar, the 'snow' will settle around the base of the tree and hide that ugly plastic.

how to make a mason jar christmas tree6. Decorate. This is the point, right? I put these beauties in special little spaces around the house and I love their wintry look!

how to make a mason jar christmas tree

how to make a mason jar christmas tree
 ...and two years later they're still standing up well! The salt has hardened into place now but it hasn't lessened the Christmas appeal.

Happy Christmas crafting!

p.s. I'm finally working on another Thrift Blitz episode that will hopefully be ready to go live by the end of the week. Get your posts ready to link up - I want to see what thrifty treasures you've found!

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  1. I'm all about the Mason jars. ;) Man, (or Woman) you're a creatively talented person.

    1. Ha! Thanks :) I don't know how creative it is to copy someone elses idea but I'll take it ;)


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