Thrift Blitz Episode Six

by - December 10, 2015

So...remember way back when I dreamed up this whole Thrift Blitz thing and I said it was going to be a monthly celebration of thrifty joy?


I'm a ball dropper.

Episode Five was in June. June!

How completely unacceptable. Not because I think anyone is sitting on the edge of their seat waiting for the next Blitz, but because I have such a love for thrifted treasures that it just seems strange I haven't been compelled to share.

Well friends, the wait is over!

Sadly, no one came out to play during my last episode and so I have no reader feature to share *sad face* --let this be a lesson: link up with your own treasures at the bottom of this post and you could see yourself shared right here during episode seven {which will not be five months away...I hope}.

1. Woodstock Remembered Me Shirt {Value Village, $3.99}

This just screams 'Concert In A Muddy Field' doesn't it? I haven't actually figured out how to wear it because the sleeves have these full cutouts in them that don't lend themselves well to layers. I may have to save this beauty for summertime.

The colour is vibrant and it just reeks of happiness, like by putting it on I'd be donning a blissful 'Give Peace A Chance' attitude.


2. Just One Shade Of Grey Cardi {Value Village, $1.99}

 With winter nearly upon us, layers are a necessity in my life. Because layers. Mmmmmm...warmth!

{And can we Canadian's just pause for a moment and thank the weatherman for this mild December?!?! Sure, Christmas isn't quite Christmas without a fresh blanket of snow but seriously, how amazing is it that today is December 10th and I haven't even turned on my furnace yet??!! All that being said, if we pay for this later on in bitter cold that lasts until June I'm running away and moving in with my Texan friend...}

3. Them College Patches Knit {Value Village, $2.99}

I don't even know how to express my LOVE for this sweater! It is cozy. It is winter-ready. It is kind of adorable. I want to wear it everyday. I won't...but I want to.

4. Summer Sweetly Blouse {Value Village, $2.99}

This was just too sweet to leave behind. I love the delicate flower pattern and its flowy fabric. 

The tag says 'hand wash or dry clean only' to which I said "Pshaw!!" 

Happily, it handled the washer just fine.

{One of my thrifting rules is to NEVER purchase something requiring dry cleaning. BUT for $3 I figured it was worth the risk of an experimental washing.}

5. All That Glitters Necklace {Value Village, $4.99}

This not-gold necklace is quite heavy and its pretty palette pairs really well with the Summer Sweetly blouse above. 

I feel a little like I was tricked into buying it - only because I went into Value Village on a 50% off day and I didn't realize until I was going through the cash that jewellery wasn't actually included in the sale. Grrr. But I liked it and I figured I was saving so much on my other purchases that I deserved something pretty.

6. Put A Little Wood On It Bracelet {Value Village, $1.99}

I just liked it. That is all.

7. I Hope Colin Firth Is In This Book Book {Value Village, $3.99}

Confession: I haven't read any of the Bridget Jones books but I adore the movies {is there anything with Colin Firth that isn't worth watching?} and when I saw this I thought, why not? The only problem is that I will now have to search for the others in the series. Because nothing is worse than a shelf holding an incompletely series. {Actually, a lot of things are worse...but, you know...appropriate emphasis and all that...}

Runaway Collection Suitcases {The Church Basement & My Mother's House, $0}

Free things make my heart sing! 

There was a recent mass clean out at our church and A LOT of stuff went into the trash. I was able to salvage two older suitcases which serve brilliantly as extra storage in my living room AND that beauty of a cardboard one on top? That belonged to my Nana and my mother passed it along as they were packing up during a recent move.

Now it's your turn. What great finds have you made recently?  Share them in the comments, link up your post using the inlinkz tool below, or tweet it with the hashtag #ThriftBlitz {be sure to add @alannarusnak to your tweet to make sure I see it, or just use the button below}.

Happy thrifting!

May your finds be gorgeous and your wallet eternally grateful!

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  1. I saw this in my inbox and I was like, "EPISODE SIX!" I started kicking myself because I've missed so many. Then I start reading and your lamenting over being a slacker since Five was in June. Oh what a funny pair we are! Thanks for the shout out, but if you head south due to a miserable winter be prepared to bring your mud boots! We'll probably be sloshing through another muddy one! Or just show up! I'll get you a pair of boots when you get here. I'm gonna start looking for my "thrifties" to share.

    1. If it's mud versus months of snow I CHOOSE MUD! Looking forward to your treasures :)

  2. I do not like this style of clothing! I think that this is some kind of dress like a hippie


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