You Can Be Nice Without Being Naked

by - February 28, 2016

Sure, use Twitter to flirt, but for goodness sake - put some clothes on!

It wasn't so long ago I shared some of my twitter pet peeves. And if you'll remember, I have uncomfortable 'feelings' about all the bare-nippled romance covers that fill up my feed. What I failed to talk about are bare-nippled profile pictures and I think I am only being true to myself if I lay that out right here.

keep your clothes on twitter users!

Ew. Ew. Ew.

I mean, what are you trying to accomplish?


So...this is what happened:

I participate in various hashtag 'events' for writers. On different days of the week there are featured hastags you use to share little snapshots of your work-in-progress. {such as #2bittues, #1linewed & #FP} Each follows a weekly theme. Scour your manuscript for a clip pertaining to said theme. Share. Done. It's a wonderful way to meet writers and champion each other along the journey. It's good, clean, supportive fun.

On Friday, I participated in #FP {Friday Phrases}

twitter exchange with naked man


He was paying my writing a compliment. I like that.
He called me lass. I really liked that.
He's naked. Ew. Ew. Ew.

Yes, I know we can't actually see his nipple. Yes, he's all sexy and blah blah blah.

I just...

I can't...

He went on to comment on other posts I'd made and I just couldn't bring myself to engage any longer—and I recognize that his intentions may be perfectly innocent and purely supportive but EW!

A compliment given by a naked stranger is stripped of all meaning.

Put that on my tombstone. It is my truth.

Dear Watson, with your smoldering eyes and come-hither posture...PUT A FLIPPING SHIRT ON IF YOU WANT TO FLIRT WITH ME!!!

<><><><><>end rant<><><><><>

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  1. Alanna, this cracks me up! (and the tweet post gave me a flush!)


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