How To Make The Best Of A Whirlwind Vacation

by - March 1, 2016

Making a '24 Hour Hotel Holiday' count.

VACATION: late Middle English: from Old French, or from Latin vacatio(n-), from vacare ‘be unoccupied

There's no rule saying a vacation must consist of a certain number of nights far away from your home. I take a firm stance that says a vacation can be short and close to home as long as you take full advantage of each precious moment you're given!

the 7 P's of a successful mini-holiday

My husband had to go to The Big City for a five day course. It was a work thing and it kind of sucked because it had to be during the week he's normally home. {For those of you who don't know, he works on a week on, week off basis. This means I am a single parent every other week. [It's fine, it works for us, don't feel bad.]  BUT, when extra things like this come up it basically means three weeks apart. [Okay, you can feel bad for us now.]} While navigating the suckiness of this situation, it occurred to us: why couldn't we all go with him for one night? It would afford us some time together plus be like a mini-vacation...a little warm-up for whatever we end up doing over March Break.


He had a suite booked by the organization he works for. The hotel had a pool and offered complimentary breakfast AND dinner.


We saddled up and made the trip!

Perhaps you're thinking twenty-four hours isn't enough to earn that fuzzy get-away feeling but I'm here to tell you, you're wrong! If you do it right, it will go a long way to bringing some refreshment and fun.

punctuality, patience, prioritize, permission, pamper, participation, pleasureThe Seven 'P's' of a Successful Mini Holiday

Punctuality. If you have only twenty-four hours, every single moment counts! Leave home early so you can arrive right at check-in time. Travel time is not vacation time—don't fool yourself and don't cheat yourself. Vacation lasts from check-in to check-out. Take advantage of every minute in between.

Patience. There are many arguments I could make against bringing your children with you on a mini-holiday but let me make a few pro-youngin's comments: 
  • they bring a wide-eyed energy and appreciation to a situation
  • you like them {hopefully} and it's a great opportunity to spend time together away from home
  •  it creates good memories of fun family time

BUT...patience. Even big hotel rooms are small when you fill them with a family. There will be wrestling and pillow fights and moments of begging to go to the pool even though you just returned from the pool. Take a deep breath. Remind them how lucky they are to be there. Remind them what an amazing parent you are for bringing them, then distract them with an in-room movie while you catch a nap ;) 

Prioritize. Know the reason for your night away. Write a mini-vacation mission statement and do everything in your power to see that mission fulfilled. {We, the Rusnak's, shall enjoy twenty-four hours in this beautiful facility in which we promise to rest, relax, play, laugh, eat junk food, and enjoy each others company without the pressures and distractions of 'real life'.}

Permission. Allow yourself to soak into it. Ignore your work email or looming deadlines. Consider this a segue from your real life and just enjoy. Give yourself permission to set everything aside but your aforementioned mission statement. 

Pamper. Lay in those pristine hotel linens a little longer, basking in that heaven that's as comfortable as Morgan Freeman's voice. {Our bed at home is a little more like laying yourself down on Rosanne Barr's yeah...we appreciate a good hotel bed!} If rest and relaxation was one of your goals then, by all means, indulge in that king-sized comfort!

Participation. Get in there and do it! I wanted to read and write and play. And guess what? I read, I wrote and I played! Mission accomplished!

Pleasure. Because isn't that the goal of any vacation? To enjoy yourself? So do it! Standing by the other 6 P's will guarantee you a delightful time. I mean, I'm not going to guarantee it—that's on you to make it happen but you'll be well on your way if you follow my sage advice!

Cheers to vacations—long and far or short and near! May the road lead you where you want to go.

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