July 17, 2016

Do You Miss Me When I'm Gone?

Hey...remember when I used to blog? That was nice. We had a good thing going—this symbiotic relationship where I wrote my heart and you read it. Lovely.

And then, like every other adulteress before me, I snuck away and got myself a mistress...{or a mister?}...and became this flighty memory who slips in after dark and has a quick shower before I crawl into bed without saying goodnight.

How rude! To say the least.

So many times I've thought of you and me and this place and I wondered what it meant that I was ignoring it and I wondered what it meant to you that I was ignoring you. I've decided it means everything.

And it means nothing.

And that doesn't make any sense at all.

Really, I'm just rambling right now so I'll have something to post...you know, just so you don't give up and forget me in all the chaos of my affair.

And by affair I mean all the projects I have on the go; so put away the pitchfork, pour yourself a cup of tea, eat a cookie, and listen to what I have to say.



Funny how, in a season of dizzying busyness, I feel like I have nothing to talk about...

And so I'll give you a shotgun update:

Eve Undone is doing well. Not brilliantly well but it's not just sitting around gathering dust so I count that a win. As of this moment it has 3,384 reads on Wattpad where the audience has been very vocal and almost always positive. I've sold more than 100 copies—most of those are the Kindle version but the print books are getting out there, too. I actually sold one in the church foyer this morning—I found that funny. {Click here to read some reviews and order your own pretty little copy!}

My son got recruited to represent our hometown in the Provincial Softball Tournament in August. He's thrilled. Baseball makes him happy. One of my favourite parts of watching him play is listening to the other parents talk about him in the stands: 'Whoa, he's fast!' 'That Liam, he's like a ninja!' 

It's been a month since the last Writer's Jam. Summer is way too busy with baseball and I miss those beautiful ladies gathered around my table, talking about writing and supporting one another through our various projects. 

Blank Spaces is coming together. September's issue is ready for a thorough edit before it goes to print. I've been pleasantly surprised by the response and hope the momentum continues. Yesterday I was able to set up pre-ordering on the website as well as a digital subscription option so if you'd like to get your hands on a copy when it comes out September 1, pop on over to the magazine's website and sign up!

Crickets are chirping around my The Church In The Wildwood manuscript and that hurts my feelings. I'm so frustrated that it just sits there, being ignored by every single agent I send it to. More and more I'm leaning towards self-publishing because if you're not doing something, you're doing nothing AND NOTHING IS UGLY and I want to be pretty...or, I want my book to be pretty and I want people to read it, and just sitting on it with my fingers crossed, hoping against hope that the right person will give it a chance just seems like a silly dream—especially when I'm perfectly capable of making it happen myself.

The Passat kicked the bucket and now I'm driving a shiny red Chevy Sonic hatchback. Buying a new car was a financial burden we were not prepared for but there's something lovely about bombing around in a vehicle that's both adorable and sexy {you know, like Miley Cyrus before she cut her hair and lost her mind}.

Well that's that. My last month in a nutshell. It's not glamorous but real life rarely is, is it?  I'm not going to set myself up by saying I'll try harder to be more consistent. I want to be able to promise that but it would be silly to put myself in that position.

I'll pop by when I can and I hope you're here when I do!

Enjoy your summer. Pursue your dreams. And in all things, seek joy!

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  1. I miss you! But I love watching you pursue your dreams more.

    And I really miss Writer's Jam...


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