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by - October 3, 2016

September is over. Just like that. How rude! Everywhere I look, it's 'pumpkin spice this', and 'let's go on a fall colour tour' and I'm just sitting here mourning the lazy days of summer when time felt manageable and dreams were more exciting than overwhelming and I'm mad because I have to wear socks.

The moment school kicks back I feel it like the rear legs of a bucking horse — it just knocks me down. I don't sleep well, I drag myself to work {wishing I was still in pajamas and slippers}, I stay up too late, and I want to do too many things.


I'm SO excited about what's going on.

Blank Spaces Magazine digital release

The first issue of my brand new magazine was released on September 1 to a great response. People have been so gracious and encouraging and actually buying it - which is incredible. It was {and continues to be} a huge risk. The return for the hours {days/weeks/months!} of work will not allow me to quit my day job and pursue my publishing dreams full time {and, let's be honest, that is my ultimate hope — that this pretty little vision could grow into a sustainable venture that allows me to chase my heart without being tied down to a job that turns my attentions from what I really want to do} BUT I'm having such fun seeing it all come together, I'm meeting some incredible people, and I'm so excited for the potential future it has.

Do you even understand what it's like to have people believe in your vision???

Yeah. It's pretty alright.

I wish I had adequate words to express the moment I actually held the first copy in my hands. Because the whole process was so foreign to me, I really had no idea what to expect. I did my research and I made intelligent choices but I was relying solely on the support of The Internet, and I don't know if you know this, but The Internet is FALLIBLE!

I had a list of what was important to me and a quality product was right at the top. I wanted thick paper. I wanted a glossy finish. I wanted crisp images. I wanted something that someone would feel good investing their hard-earned money into. I wanted more than a newspaper but less than a book. I wanted something that was as pretty in real life as it was in my head.

My list was no small order.

I had a dream that my shipment arrived printed on tissue paper and bound with staples. I have never been more scared. I felt the pressure of all those trusting contributors and all the beautiful people who pre-ordered sight-unseen — what could be more devastating than crushing my own dreams as well as theirs with a less-than beautiful product?

But then it arrived. Live and in colour and NOT in my dreams, and I was so overcome with relief that my hands shook as I flipped through the pages. IT WAS JUST SO PRETTY!

I have no regrets. I feel empowered and confident enough to get the second issue out for December 1. And I think, if I can just figure out how to get it into the hands of the right people, it's a project that could grow and grow into something really special.

I am practicing boldness. I am reaching beyond my comfort zone to wave it in people's faces. I just assigned a deadline to a Toronto Book Awards finalist who will be sharing her writing journey in the December issue! {True story! That really happened! Who am I??? A big-time magazine publisher, that's who! Ha! I promise to stay humble! Cross my heart!}

So thank you to all of you, because if you're here right now reading this, you were probably here when I announced this crazy venture back in May {good gravy, I can't believe it's only been four months —this has all happened SO fast!} and that means you've stood by me through it all and are here to greet me at the other end...just in time for it all to begin again.

{If you feel left out and want to snag yourself a print copy, I'm including the shop link at the bottom of this post. Because SHAMELESS PROMOTION! It's the only way to get anything done — and without sales, I can't keep the machine going. If you just want a digital copy, send me an email and put [BLOGREADER25] in the subject line and I'll give you 25% off the digital price just because you support me here ❤️}

What I really need right now is a marketing genius, a distribution guru, one million dollars, and a personal barista...because, well, you know...

Blank Spaces - September 2016
Blank Spaces Magazine: Blank Spaces - September 2016
Volume 1, Issue 1 of Blank Spaces is a celebration of Canadian talent, featuring the work of artists—writers, painters, photographers, poets, etc. We are continually accepting submissions.

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  1. 1. You don't have to wear socks until it snows. Where is your commitment?
    2. Of course people are supporting you. Authenticity is a rare thing, and Blank Spaces is just overflowing with it!

    1. 1. But I get cold the moment the calendar flips :(
      2. I love this! You're getting quoted on the testimonials page for Blank Spaces :)

    2. 1. Slippers don't count as socks. Use them freely.
      2. Ok.

    3. 1. I'm wearing flipflops today. You're welcome.
      2. :)


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