June 20, 2017

There's No Time To Blog

*cricket noises*

They say the key to a successful blog is to post OFTEN. I argue that 'they' don't have a job, a family, and a million other projects in the works. I wish I had time for an eloquent soliloquy, divulging the extraordinary ho-hum-idry (yup—made that up!) of my day-to-day life, but alas...I've dug myself a deep hole of (super fun) work and I DON'T HAVE TIME!


1. I am mere days away from the official book launch party for The Church In The Wildwood.

2. I am mere weeks away from the full launch of my official publishing (support, service & consultation) company - yes, it's true!

3. I am mere months away from the release of the first trade paperback anthology by above mentioned publishing company, and have already sent out official publishing contracts to 34 Canadian voices that will be featured in said anthology.

4. I am planning to sleep in 2073—or, in the words of the great Jon Bon Jovi: when I'm dead.

Need more?

1 Part II. I ordered the cake today. $50.99. For a cake! Holy moly! But it's going to have the book cover on it—so that's cool and fun. It was a step of faith. I could have chosen the smaller one and saved a bit. I'm having this nightmare where I'm sitting along in the venue with enough cake for fifty people...and I sit there and I sit there and no one comes and I have a huge cake and a box full of books and...

...people will come right? Will people come??? WILL I BE ALL ALONE WITH A GREAT BIG CAKE??

So...if I'm being honest, I'm pretty nervous about the party. Not that anyone would be able to tell or anything...

2 Part II. It's really just the website I'm waiting on. Things are already in full swing elsewhere. I keep getting mail addressed to Alanna Rusnak Publishing and it's AWESOME! I feel proud and accomplished and like this is something that might actually help me buy groceries.

3 Part II. I'm not telling you any more. You'll have to wait for the official announcement just like the rest of the world!

4 Part II. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

While I'm napping you can watch this video of me reading the prologue from my book...

...you could also let me know if you're coming to my launch party by clicking here

...you could also buy my book!

*more cricket noises*
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