My Debut Book Club Appearance

by - September 15, 2017

The Church in the Wildwood is my first real publication. I have other things out there—Kindle books and short stories and articles in magazines—but Wildwood is the first full length novel I've seen through to completion and put out in the world for people to experience. That means every step of the way is another first: holding the first printed copy of my first novel; seeing my book on the shelf of a bookstore; autographing copies; having readers send me pictures of my book from all over the world (British Columbia, Indonesia, Idaho, Italy); visiting a book club...

It never really occurred to me that people might actually want to talk to me about the book. I don't know why. There have been countless times while reading that I wished I could ask the author why they made a certain choice, or how they came up with the idea to do that thing that blew my mind...So why I thought it was so strange when someone approached me and asked if I'd be open to visiting their book club is beyond me.

Because I'm rather quiet and consider myself quite shy, I suppose I make the mistake of thinking I'm not very interesting. There's nothing glamorous about writing. It's dirty hair and late nights and closed doors and too much coffee. But in the end, there's a story.

And people want to talk about stories...

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