An Update (Since it's #WorldBookDay and all)

by - April 23, 2018

World Book DayI didn't even know it was World Book Day (because really, shouldn't that be EVERY day?!). I didn't know until I was tagged on Twitter by my author friend Zev from Georgia. He started a love party that got me so distracted, I found myself leaning against the kitchen counter half an hour after I'd planned to start the dishes, taking part in a joyful orgy of indie author love.


There is nothing like the global community of writers. We're all total weirdos, and if you put us in a room together it would likely be the most awkward party ever witnessed, BUT we're heck'a'good at patting each other on the back and handing out encouragement. It's a great time to be a writer.

Anyway... this is supposed to be an update. (But if you want to see some of that Twitter love fest, follow this thread and this thread.)


[Can't see the video? Pop over to YouTube to hear my thirty second chat about getting Iris Carver ready.]

These last couple weeks have been a whirlwind of work as I got The Ghost of Iris Carver ready. Thankfully I have a team of reliable helpers who were willing to drop everything and give the proof a final read-thru; and, with their help, I'm feeling confident in the files I signed off on and sent to the printers.

The Ghost of Iris Carver by Alanna Rusnak
Yesterday, I ordered finalized copies of The Ghost of Iris Carver—which, for those of you who haven't heard me whine yet, is the WORST moment, because you shell out a stupid amount of money for books that you hope will sell (therefore giving you that money back), with zero guarantee of return. It's a recipe for a stomach ache.

So books are on their way to me - a lot of books - and it would really help me out if you came to the Neustadt craft show and bought one or two 😉 I'll even sign them for you!

Of course, copies are always available through this website or through Amazon—going live on May 5! (Pre-order the Kindle version for just 99¢)


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  1. Although, I have already read many books, I really see these books for the first time. Maybe, I will choose something from your recommendations.


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