Seven Questions: My Interview with Liv Archer

by - June 15, 2018

I recently took some time to work through seven questions posed to me by a young writer who reached out to me on Twitter. Liv Archer has started a new website where she is celebrating indie writers by purchasing and reviewing their books, (The Church in the Wildwood was her third indie review) as well as interviewing authors with thoughtfully crafted, spoiler-free questions.

Her questions impressed me and they were a pleasure to answer as most of them had me go a little deeper than a cliché response. I appreciate that so much. I know how hard it is to put together good, meaty questions!

So thank you, Liv, for inviting me into your indie celebration. Thank you for being a champion and encourager of indie authors. So often it can feel like we're screaming into an empty room. It's nice to be heard once in a while. ❤️

Check out her questions below and then pop over to her website to read my answers.

1. There are a lot of religious elements that your story is wrapped around. What kind of research did you do to capture the spiritualism accurately?

2. What did you find to be the best method for keeping track of your timeline with your dual perspectives?

3. How long did it take you to write The Church in the Wildwood?

4. Did you visit any locations specifically to set the scenes?

5. Were there any particular authors or books/stories that kept you inspired throughout?

6. In moments when The Church in the Wildwood refused to cooperate, what encouraged you to keep writing to the end?

7. How do you want this story to affect people?

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  1. This is very good, that you had an interview, but I would like to know, where can I listen to the full version? Is there any link?


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