Stolen Moments Giveaway

The best way to be your best self for others is to give yourself room to breathe.

As a proud introvert, I've come to cherish the moments I pull myself from the action and find some quiet.  These are the moments that recharge me - that fuel my soul to once again face the chaos around me with patience and grace.

Sometimes, we need to be reminded to be selfish - maybe it's time to take back that word and turn it from something negative into something life-giving.  YOUR CHALLENGE for the month of June is to find those little spaces where you can reconnect with yourself - every single day - and then share that here to perhaps inspire someone else to accept that it really is okay to make yourself a priority!

Stolen Moments Giveaway - SelfBinding Retrospect 
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Good luck and thanks for participating! Here are just some of the amazing ideas you've been sharing throughout this giveaway:

~ making a new recipe and realizing I'm a genius in the kitchen! ~ my workout time is one of the best moments of my day; just taking that time for myself really improves the way I choose to respond to situations ~ sneaking into the garden to admire my plants without any little hands to 'help' me ~ making a sinful snack after the kids are in bed, and not having to share it with anyone! ~ I received my favourite book in the mail today and started reading it, keeping all other work aside ~ locking myself in the bathroom, sitting on the floor & closing my might only last two minutes but that's two minutes of peaceful bliss ~ binge watching That 70's Show ~ I put on my favourite song and danced like no one was watching ~ extra long, extra hot shower ~ I baked some lemon muffins ~ I made myself a big healthy was nice to relax and read the newspaper ~ I took an evening walk alone ~ a nice cup of coffee ~ I stay up way too late at night because that's usually when I do my best thinking ~ sorting my thoughts while pulling weeds ~ spending time in prayer ~ I sit in the quietness of an empty house, drink my coffee, and spend time reading my Bible ~ napping ~ I snuck away to do my school work in my husbands quiet office and joining friends for lunch ~ catching up on reading ~ I lay on the floor, let my kids climb over my back and pretend it's a massage ~I made biscotti!
Stolen Moments Giveaway - SelfBinding Retrospect


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