the day i lived

The Day I Lived, thriller by Alanna Rusnak
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The Day I Lived
(thriller) (mystery) (YA)

Elaine Briar met a boy.

He took her into the forest.

It was supposed to be a romantic first date; a time to enjoy nature
and get to know each other better.

But they soon realize they're not alone.

It's been said that you can't really know someone until you experience a trauma together—that's when true character reveals itself—that's when a person's essence rises to the surface, for better or for worse.

Is Owen really the smooth-talking, gentle dream she met in the coffee shop, or does something more sinister lurk beneath his handsome, irresistible exterior?

Elaine is going to find out what she's made of. 

And Owen is going to help her do that, one way or another.

Survival is the only thing that matters...

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A low mist curled against the frosted tips of early fall; grey air lapping my skin and chilling the sweat that plastered my torn shirt against my chest. My feet were numb and bleeding and I was pushing, pushing, pushing while the trees assaulted and tore at my skin. I could see my life, painted in red across the strained path I navigated, blood upon the dirt, a trail of violent breadcrumbs for the monster who stalked me through the falling darkness.

I stumbled, caught against the edge of a rotted stump, and fell forward. I tasted the earth and it wove itself into my tears. I hitched back a sob as I righted myself and pulled a jagged splinter from the sole of my left foot.

The forest hovered around me, weighing me down into its heavy gloaming, a nurtured prison that beckoned me to finally give up and become one with it.

I spit on the edge of my shirt and used it to wipe my face. I drew in a long breath, holding it in my lungs until it hurt enough to remind me I wanted to live.

Get up. Just get up.

I struggled to stand. The weeping gash on my leg burned. I tightened the tourniquet, bracing myself against a tree until a wave of nausea passed... 


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