the church in the wildwood

Coming to shelves MAY 2017...learn about pre-ordering here!

The Church in the Wildwood

Plans are well underway for a big launch party in June and it would be great to see you there! While it's amazing fun to plan an event for a project that has consumed my heart for so long, it also comes with many expenses: venue, food, drinks, swag, print-runs, advertising, etc. If you're wondering how you can help me make it happen, consider making a donation to help cover some of the costs. Every little bit will help me bring my vision to full reality.

Thank you for being such an integral part of my writing and publishing journey! 
🎶 Listen to the Wildwood soundtrack 🎶  [you might like 'how to make a soundtrack for your writing project']

⬅︎  Meet the cast!

Click here to read the (unedited) opening scene.

Click here to visit one of the settings that inspired an important site in the story.

Click here to read one of the heartbreaking flashbacks.

Dreaming of the day it's finally published and in the hands of readers...

read the church in the wildwood by alanna rusnak

also coming soon!
-- a wildwood companion --


visiting the characters of The Church In The Wildwood 40 years later

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