eve undone

    EVE UNDONE - Creation Retold
     a four part short story
    (spiritual) (retelling) (literary)

    In the beginning...
                            there was only one rule... 

    A fresh, poetic retelling of the ancient story of Creation.

    what people are saying...

    Great perspective on an ageless story! — Amazon Reviewer

    Incredibly poetic and a very unique take on the Creation story. Really like this approach. Very immersive. — Amazon Reviewer

    Rusnak makes the Garden of Eden, and its inhabitants come alive. — Amazon Reviewer

    ...well written and beautifully detailed. — Wattpad Reviewer

    I love how you made it a new story...and also the love between Adam and Eve...Their love isn't really described in the Bible as if it was so fierce...
    — Wattpad Reviewer

    Every word and phrase is lovely; the very sentence structure flows together to form a sense of the beauty, joy, and wide-eyed wonder of Creation... — Wattpad Reviewer

    Absolutely amazing. Your words evoke such strong emotions. — Wattpad Reviewer


    Get your copy today from Amazon ($1.24 CDN Kindle or $5.10 CDN print + shipping), or directly from the author.


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