When immortality is the distance between goodbyes, 
you have no choice but to invite her in...

-- a wildwood companion --


visiting the characters of The Church In The Wildwood
40 years later

BLURB: The small town of Fallmoore, Ontario has hardly changed since Iris Carver left her mark in 1977. Even her son believes she rests in the urn by the fire. But forty years later, Iris reappears in the town diner for a meeting with a writer. What does it mean? Where has she been? And why does she look as though she hasn't aged a day?

The Ghost of Iris Carver
"If there were ever any doubt in my mind about Alanna Rusnak's extraordinary talent, she has fully eradicated any uncertainty with her latest novella, 'The Ghost of Iris Carver'. Not only was she able to create deeply engaging characters and bring them fully to life on the page, but she was equally capable of expertly placing them into a conceptual labyrinth and conceal them just behind the venerable, sacred, fourth wall. Sorry Margaret (Atwood), move over Madeleine (Thien), shake a leg Miriam (Toews), and so-long-for-now Ann-Marie (MacDonald), Heather (O'Neill), and Elizabeth (Hay). I have a new favourite Canadian author and she's one to watch."

—Geraldine MacDonald (medical translator, writer, published author)

Order a print copy directly from me and I'll send you a signed copy.

ATTENTION INTERNATIONAL SHOPPERS: because Canada Post doesn't love me, I can't afford to pay their RIDICULOUS international shipping fees. What I can do is send the books directly from my print company, but they won't be signed - sorry. If you still want a signed copy, I'm certainly willing to work that out with you. Send me an email and we'll discuss cost.


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