A Boat With Your Dinner? {The Dummies Guide To Celery Boats}

by - May 12, 2010

Dummies Guide To Celery Boats

"I don't want my peas!"
"I don't like beans!"
"This cauliflower smells like feet!"
"I want dessert!"
"Can I be done?"

Sometimes I have to get creative.  I've learned that adding apple sauce makes everything edible - even carrots.  (When it's home made and sugar free I don't see the harm.)  Sometimes just drawing a happy face with a bead of ketchup helps the potatoes find their way to a mouth.  There's always the threat of no dessert but that only goes so far.  They learn quickly to negotiate or, "well, what's for dessert anyway? (Because if it's not awesome, I don't even care!)"

Tonight was Mommy's Diner Night.  Chicken fingers and fries. This happens on a night that daddy is away.  Usually it is served with sliced apples.  Tonight I crafted celery sailboats.  You've seen them before, I'm sure, but I thought they were adorable enough to document.

The Dummies Guide to Celery Boats:

Dummies Guide To Celery Boats

1. Wash and cut fresh celery
{*Mommy tip: peel celery - it makes it taste sweeter and minimizes the stringy bites that turn some kids off}

2. Fill with Cheez Whiz or Peanut Butter (both valid food groups in our home)

3. Add raisins as little sailors
4. Secure cucumber sails with toothpicks
5. Enjoy watching your kids devour their veggies and beg for more while ignoring their french fries.

celery boats

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