Welcome to the Wii Fit Journey

by - January 12, 2011

All I wanted was a Wii Fit.  Together we decided to wait for a sale because, undoubtably, it would go on sale right after Christmas.  And it did.  On Sunday afternoon I became the new owner and obsessor of my very own Wii Fit Plus.

I have lately been wallowing in a bit of bodily self-loathing.  You know that soft, lazy, winter body that makes you feel soft and lazy but you crack open another bag of potato chips anyway?  Yeah, that's where I've been hanging out.  And it's not so good for the self-esteem.  So I'm digging out of it.  And my shovel cost $79.99.

It began by calculating my B.M.I.  (also known as the make you feel like a frumpy dump in front of your husband measuring stick)  And there it was *cue the sad music and blushing, head-shaking Mii*  "OVERWEIGHT" and my sweet little trainer saying, "Uh oh, it looks like you're a little overweight.  Let's create a program to get you to a healthy body weight."  Bless Scott for keeping his mouth shut.  I just said, "Whoops!" and giggled uncomfortably when what I really wanted to do was throw the nunchuck at the screen and yell, "IT'S ON, @#$%*!"

notice how boldly (and rudely)
it displays my shame?
This was the motivation I needed.  And it's ridiculously fun.  I'm on day four and I'm down 1.2 kg which has dropped me from "overweight" into what the system brain has deemed "normal".  I am boxing, skiing, jogging, golfing, hula hooping, kung fuing, aerobicing...and the list goes on...ridiculously fun!  Even stranger - I'm getting on the stationary bike more too because suddenly, a little electronic device is giving me something to be accountable to and I hope to never again stand on that white foot pad and titter sheepishly as I'm pegged unhealthy.

So here's to a healthier, happier and (hopefully) leaner new me/mii.         

Oh, and by the way, my Mii is Princess Leia.  My goal: a gold bikini.

"Help me, Wii Fit Plus; you're my only hope!"

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  1. "IT'S ON, @#$%*!" is easily the greatest and funniest thing I have ever pictured you saying

  2. "IT'S ON, @#$%*!"
    you crack me up! hahaha :D


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