A Guilt Trip in Times New Roman

by - August 11, 2011

You're regretting it already, aren't you?  Sitting there among the day-cares thinking, "Gee, if Alanna were here she could hold the screaming baby while I make lunch..."  And I would have too.  But whatever.  I love you today the same as yesterday...

"Mommy, can I play Angry Birds?"  He's got that I dare you to try and say no to me because I know you can't...just look at my adorable eyes look on his face.
I sigh and turn on my phone - scroll through the apps to find it for him.


And there's your pretty face staring up at me from the screen, begging me to answer, the ringing sounding like an apology.  Your ears must have been burning.

And while my intention here was to make you feel guilty for telling me you were too busy to see me, it seems to have morphed into a I've got you wrapped around my little finger sort of thing.  You just can't say no to me...

I could fill this up with all kinds of sentiment but I won't because you'd cry.  Let's just be each others heroine.  I'll bring you your fix.  You bring me mine.

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