Ode To A Saturday

by - September 10, 2011

Here is beauty - stretched before me with no agenda.  One day, unscarred upon my calendar so heavy with need of my attention.  How long has it been since this was my reality?  I can't remember.

I should be doing something.  Laundry.  Floor washing.  Soiling my hands in paper maché for that silo top I have to do for work...but I've been told I need to work on my boundaries so I claim today as my sabbath - as my it'll all still be there for me to take care of tomorrow - as my space to breath - as my favourite place in the entire world.  I am inspired and encouraged by the wise words of a friend, tucking them to heart, basking in fiction and baking beneath sun on the back porch.

One day.  It's all mine.

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