Pizza Means I Love You

by - February 14, 2012

They think it's for them.  And it is.  But it's also for me.  Because I'm a cheese-ball-romantic, a light-the-candles-and-call-me-Valentine sap.  I'm a cut-the-pizza-dough-with-scissors-so-it's-shaped-like-a-heart kind of goof.

But they reap the benefit of my goofery and Zander asks, "Can we do this every night?" to which I say, "Of course not, then it wouldn't be special."

They gather around the table and we snap our "Love Crackers."
"What is dis ting anyway?" Liam asks.
"It's got fireworks in it," I tell him.
Of course, the SNAP isn't quite the display he was looking for but he pulls out a crown and that gains a "Whoa!"

It's not an expensive meal at a fancy restaurant.  We're not dressed up.  The floor isn't even clean.  But I would dare to say that this is what Valentine's day is really about...just this...these faces...these smiles...

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  1. I just saw a heart shaped pizza recipe in my e-mail and thought, "really? who would do that?" I should have known it would be my darling sister!

  2. Wasn't that a party!!! Love it!

  3. So sweet!!! I love stuff like this! I know your kids will remember this always.

    1. It's so easy to make something special! I kind of want to do it for every meal...but, you know...that might be crazy :)


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