Make It Monday: One Person's Junk

by - September 10, 2012

We take the back street on our work errand run because we've been told someone has set old furniture by the curb and who are we to pass up free stuff?  Turns out the old furniture is just a hexagonal side table.  Very 80's.  Very not me.  But...there are also two old, white-paint-pealing, three-paned windows.  Just sitting there like nobody wants them.  G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S.  So naturally, I grab them and run!  And because I just happen to have some vinyl lettering in my craft box, this is what became of them...

I sense a theme occurring.  Because only a couple weeks ago I found windows in the barn and came up with this one:

I am such a dork that the first time I ever read that quote I got all teary eyed and saved the clipping because I knew that someday I'd want it in my home.  And now I have it.  Bliss.

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