Prayer For A Stranger

by - April 17, 2013

I saw you.  I saw you bent there at the end of your driveway.  Bent over like you were repenting.  Bent over like your spirit had been ripped in half.  Greying hair buffeted by spring winds and arms wrapped tight around your middle like you needed to hold yourself together.  Bent over that blond and matted and flattened piece of fur.  Bent over wondering how that could ever be the sweet kitty you snuggled before you left that morning.  Bent over with your heart on your sleeve, frozen there upon the gravel. Oh, how your back must have ached.  How your heart must ache now.  How broken you must be to see this brokenness cast upon the earth like nothing worth a hearts notice.

This is my prayer for you...

That this be your lowest moment.  That nothing worse than this pain should strike against your heart.  That memories soften grief and grief becomes a pale scar - not unlike a faded photograph in a golden locket.  May you sit with a steaming cup of tea and remember fondly his soft head beneath your hand and the way his purr would rumble through your chest when he lay beside you.  May your back become straight and your home happy with the richness of whatever time you had.  Be blessed.  Find joy.  Seek delight.  Know hope.

This is my prayer for you...

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