I'm In A Mood To Share

by - August 28, 2013

Remember the Chore Chart?  Those pretty templates all tucked behind glass and mounted on barn board?  I've had some requests for them - perfect strangers calling out for a piece of the get-your-kids-working-for-you action.  And it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and pretty darn proud.

So...just in case you'd like to make your own version that's kind of like my version, I've tried to come up with a little something to help you.  This is not a template - you're going to have to do some work - but that way it will be yours..nobody likes a copy cat!

Don't be scared by the whopping $2 price tag - click the little green box...click the little facebook 'Like' button or the little Twitter birdie...AND 'for a limited time' you'll get it for free...just because I like you so much...


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