If Piano Playing Was Like Yoga I'd Be Toned Like A Perfect Middle C

by - November 7, 2013

Some days are gloomier than others.  Some days are grey and loom over you like a weight that feels bitter - like the most beautiful thing in the whole world would be to crawl back under the covers and dream of pretty things like sunsets or apple pie (except that last night I dreamed that Zooey Deschanel told me I was getting 'just a little heavy' so maybe I should forgo the pie...)

When I feel a little blue - when the stress of the day sits hard on my shoulders - when I'm tired, frustrated, annoyed, stressed, bored, angry, lonely, caught in the monotony of daily expectation OR when I'm happy, inspired, cheerful, giddy, thankful (basically any particular moment of any particular day) - I can sit down at the piano and pour every bit of my heart into those keys and feel brand new.

One of the joys of being employed by a church is that I have full access to a pretty grand. At any point, when I need a little break, I can sneak into that big empty sanctuary, climb up to the stage, peel back the cover, and lose myself in a little private concert that bounces off the high wooden ceiling.


I've got the joy, joy, joy, joy, down in my key-tickling heart.

And for the record, playing the piano burns as many calories as doing yoga - so it's good for my body as well as my soul...just maybe not mon derriere

[NaBloPoMo Day 7]

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  1. I totally destress by playing the piano. And I agree...it can be quite a workout. You wouldn't think so! You're so lucky to have access to a beautiful grand. I wish I had one. One day!

    1. The most perfect destresser! I fantasize about a room full of ceiling high windows, shining wooden floors and nothing but a gleaming grand piano perched in the center :)

  2. you are an amazing inspiration at everything you do. xo


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