This Is 34

by - December 31, 2013

The most amazing thing happened yesterday...

I turned 29 for the sixth time!

I'm getting really good at it.

My parents showed up after dinner with dessert and a gift (including Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Creamwhich I immediately proceeded to apply to my lips before reading the packaging).  As the candles were lit, Zander's best friend Simon asked, "So, how old are you, 26?"

"Oh, I love you!" I exclaimed like a mooning Marilyn Monroe.

He just grinned.

I try not to dwell on the number but I JUST CAN'T HELP IT.  Something about being in your thirties demands a certain amount of maturity and accomplishment I just don't feel I've reached.  I still feel like I'm a little ninth grader daydreaming of kissing a boy for the first time.

We recently spent a night in a Toronto hotel, the kids nestled up together in one queen bed and beside me Scott gave a shake of his head and said, "I just can't believe we're here...look at us...look at Zander...he's so huge..."  And I can't believe it either because it's been a blink and it's been a lifetime.

I dare say, much must have happened in 34 years.  I must have some wisdom to impart now than I am halfway to the darling age of 68 (at which point I shall be ballroom dancing on a cruise ship in the Caribbean with a pool boy named Francis).

These are for you.  34 pieces.  String them together into a pretty necklace...for they are pearls!

1.    Hold your heroes to a high standard.

2.    Squeeze the toothpaste from the end.

3.    Put a lock on your bedroom door.

4.    Perfect a strong handshake.

5.    Give credit.  Take blame.

6.    A little chocolate every day makes you a better person.

7.    Forks on the left, spoons on the right.

8.    Be slow to hate and quick to forgive.

9.     Just because you can doesn't mean you should.

10. Climb trees.

11. Never ever ever say one of the following: 'How far along are you?'  'You're going to lose that,   aren't you?'  'You might want to rethink that second piece of pie.'

12. Always always ALWAYS say one of the following every single day: 'I love you.'   'You're beautiful.'  'Thank you.'

13. Eat dinner at the table as a family - no screens.  'How was your day?' is not a stupid question!

14. You're never too old to need your mom.

15. A grudge is never worth it.

16. Pouring a bad cup of coffee down the drain is better than letting it gurgle around in your stomach.

17. Hold the door for strangers.

18. Say no to new credit cards and limit increases.

19. Find out if there will be food there.

20. Don't litter.

21. Go for walks without a destination in mind.

22. Turn Facebook notifications off on your cell phone.

23. Take so many pictures that it annoys your kids.

24. Keep your promises.

25. Read what moves you.  If a story doesn't make you laugh, cry or shudder you've probably just wasted valuable hours of your life.

26. Do things that scare you. 

27. Be like Jesus - not like his followers.

28. Don't let the dirty dishes pile up.

29. Snow tires are worth it!

30. If it's something you can do yourself, don't wait for someone else to do it - initiative is a beautiful thing - be proud of your capabilities and accomplishments.

31. Your children think you're a hero.  Don't let them down.

32. Love your enemies.

33. Cherish your friends.

34. Treasure your family.

So, there you have it.  In all things be true to your own happiness because how can you bring joy to others if you haven't any of your own?

Blessings and Happy New Year's Eve!

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  1. 34 is a beautiful age. You wear it well :)

  2. 13 is one Leanne and I implemented very early in our relationship--no regrets! We love that meals are only ours. And I'll remember #3 ;) Happy new year!

    1. Ha! Be sure you do!!! And as for the dinner table's an amazing gift when you make it to 15 years and realize you still have a lot to talk about! Happy New Year to you - it's gonna be a great one :)

  3. Sorry I missed this. Happy birthday. It sounds like you are all grown up. There are a number of people actually running around acting like ninth graders.

    Funny because I will be 44 this year. I don't physically feel older. Just a little slower, but I have a sense that time is of the essence. Nit in a regretful dreading abort of way, but in an exciting anxious anything is possible sort of way.

    1. Thanks! I certainly don't feel all grown up - but then, like you say, I find myself around a bunch of ninth-grade-like drama and I think, I am a grown-up ;)

      Time IS precious! I hope 44 brings as many wonderful things to you as 34 is sure to bring to me!


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