Blizzard Survival Guide: 10 Tips For Making It Through The Madness

by - January 7, 2014

Featured on BlogHer.comThey've closed all the roads now and Christmas break has been stretched long and not one person in this house is complaining.  We hear the wind every now and then and it rattles against the outer walls like it's trying to get our attention but we're tight and cozy and brilliantly thankful for that kind grocery gift card that meant we stocked up doubly last week.

It creaks at the back of my brain, that nagging tug that begs the question: what if this lasts for days? What if the snow climbs and climbs and the door won't open and the car is buried beyond finding and we finally live up to the stereotypical name of Canadian? 

But that won't happen...


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I know many people would find themselves burdened - annoyed by the kids, worried about work, cabin-fevered to the point of standing outside in their bare feet just to convince themselves that they really can't go anywhere...Not me.  I love it.  I love being home.  I was made for home.  This is where my heart blooms.

It's all so pretty and wild and white and my house is so warm and messy and busy...

There are ways to survive.  I may have been blessed with a positive constitution but that's not the only thing helping me through these snowy days and nights.

slippers, red, blizzard survival1. RELAX! There's nothing you can do about what's going on outside.  Put on your comfy clothes, stay in your pjs, tuck your toes into some warm slippers - got a Snuggie  for Christmas last year? This is the day for it!  Think this is the perfect opportunity to get caught up on all that laundry?  NO, IT'S NOT!!! Just because you're home, doesn't mean time-of-use hydro takes a holiday - that pile will still be waiting after 7:00 pm when prices are lower so make like the storm and JUST CHILL OUT!!!

fire, wood stove, blizzard survival 

2. BE WARM! 

There's nothing like a crackling fire to scare away the stuck-at-home blues.  Sure, it dries out your skin like a month in the desert and it statics your hair like a science experiment but there is no better warmth than the heat of the burning wood you sweat your butt off piling in the fall.  

(Don't have the blessing of a wood stove? Crank the furnace just a touch and light some candles.)  


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3. IMAGINE BEING WARMER! - You're the idiot who decided Canada was a wise place for the old homestead...

Can't look out the window without shivering?  Close your eyes and imagine yourself in a warmer climate.  A winter storm is the perfect opportunity for daydreams.  

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Music feeds the soul.  What better way to pull yourself out of the proverbial snowbank of suckiness than by sticking some vinyl on the record player and letting those tunes scratch themselves through every room of your house.  Of course, you can do this with other 'listening devices' but you and I both know they're not nearly as awesome!  

Also, plan to burst into operatic serenades of both 'Let It Snow' & 'Baby, It's Cold Outside' at various points throughout your day because, well...why wouldn't you???

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Play games. Read books. Draw pictures. Bake. Bang the drums. Feed each other playdoh muffins. Make banana splits. Baptize the cat.

 blizzard survival, crochet


Think of the storm as a gift - a wide-open day to practice those new stitches the nice church lady taught you (thanks Susan)!

 blizzard survival, tea, drink tea


Because tea is natures 'everything is gonna be alright'

And yum.

 blizzard survival, video games are not the devil, computer games


Well...they are, just not during a storm.  

This is not the day to declare your boycott on all electronics.  

This is not the day to preach on melting brains or the faults of a dumbed-down generation.  

No, today is the day for Minecraft and Super Smash Bros Brawl and NHL 2009 and Tony Hawk Pro Skater and if they're busy and they're happy than why in the world would you rain on their parade???

 blizzard survival, stew, like mom makes


Because the smells of a mom's kitchen are like a hug made of a quilt wrapped in a cloud gilded with rainbows.

cat, kitty, sleep, rest, nap, charles m schulz quote

10. RELAX! (again)

Sleep. Rest. Nap. Put your feet up. 

Because...WHY NOT?

You can't control the weather.  You can't open the roads.  

You can and should push snooze, doze on the couch, fall asleep with a book on your chest, close your eyes in a bubble bath - you can't do laundry anyway, remember? (see #1)

Wherever you safe, stay warm, seek joy!

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  1. This is great, Alanna! :)


    1. Glad you enjoyed it! Hope you're keeping warm

  2. My plan for tomorrow if it's another snow day is to fill the big bath tub and let Paige "swim".

  3. Enjoyed this Alanna! Thank you!

  4. Yes! I too have fully enjoyed the snow days at home.


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