Road Tripping {a save your sanity series}

by - March 8, 2015

All the Road Tripping posts in one place for easy reference.

Make a backseat organizer out of old jeansPart One: Make a Backseat Organizer Out Of Old Jeans

Learn how I turned three pairs of 'past their prime' jeans into this adorable backseat organizer that simply hangs from the front seat head rest by it's own waistline.

A wonderful upcycled way to organize all the activities that you hope will keep your children busy, happy and fight-free while on a long road trip!


Part Two: Making a Road Trip Binder

Using only items from your local dollar store you can create a beautifully organized binder to hold all your travel documents - from passports to maps to hotel booking confirmations.  Sure, you've probably got access to all of that on your iPhone but there's a huge comfort knowing it's all together, neatly contained in one pretty place.


Part Three: Smart Momma's Snack Plan a tri-level snack solution with stacking containers.  Put children in charge of their own snacks and put an end the endless whine of "I'm starving!"  Also including a full list of low-mess options that will satisfy tummies and minimize complaining. 


Part Four: How To Plan {and prepare for} A Road Trip

Use this four step plan for planning - PLUS a list of all the things you need to do before you leave.

Part Five: Road Trip Survival Tips {10 things that make everything better}

10 amazing things to make every road trip better

And some after-thoughts & tales...

Looking for more traveling advice? Check out The Sober Girl's Guide To Las Vegas!

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