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by - August 18, 2015

What I've been learning is that the world is huge and there is a writing community out there that's positively eager for me. And it's eager for you too if you love to write. I have been slowly building a network of writer friends across the globe through social media avenues and the encouragement, motivation, and inspiration I'm gleaning from them is incredible; HOWEVER, there is much to be said about true face to face support.

Last year I accepted an invitation to be part of a local writer's group

It was good for me.

But it wasn't great.

There were three main problems:

1. I couldn't relate. I sat in a living room with a group on the northern side of 60 and try as I might, I felt horribly out of place - like I was this precious young thing that helped them feel relevant while I myself was feeling lost, misplaced, and uncomfortable.

2. I couldn't {wouldn't} really share. Perhaps it was unfair of me to assume they couldn't handle some of my themes and language choices but being in a group of highly conservative devout Christians I found myself editing the scandal out of my work before sharing it with them which only hurt my own process and cheated me out of honest reactions.

3. My dad was there. I love my father and I'm not sure there's anyone else in the world who believes in my writing more than he does BUT I find writing to be raw and intimate and messy - all things you don't really want to do in front of your daddy - it's just weird.

~ ~ ~

Now, as autumn approaches and with it a new season of writer's group meetings I have made a decision: I will start my own group.

Because, why not?!


I'm proposing a bi-monthly Monday evening casual gathering around my dining room table for local {or non-local if you've cracked the code for teleporting} writerly types - fiction, non-fiction, poetry, blogging, journaling, writing love letters to your pen pal in Barcelona  - if you like words, I want you!

In last years group, all we did was sit in a circle and take turns reading our pieces aloud. I'm not interested in that. I'm interested in creating a space and time dedicated to working, discussing, pushing, encouraging, and supporting one another. I envision evenings where we're all hunched over our keyboards or notebooks and barely speaking a whisper and I envision evenings where we're too busy drinking our tea and excitedly idea-sharing to even open a computer.

~ ~ ~

I can promise to have a clean table ready for your ideas
but not that the floor beneath it won't be sticky. 

I can promise to make fresh tea and coffee
 ~ and some other option for the non-caffeine drinkers ~ 
but not that you won't have to drink it out of a chipped mug.

And I can promise to share openly and unedited as long as you'll promise to do the same.

~ ~ ~

I believe in casual. I believe in relationship. I believe in helping one another along the journey - whether that be to big house publication or designing the perfect caption for an Instagram post.

Now I just need you.


Leave a comment below or click on the contact link at the top. We'll figure it out.

My goal is to find three excited people. {But I have room for more!}

The ball's in your court...

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  1. Sounds awesome! Sorry I live 2 hours away. Hope you find enough local interest to make it work :) Bravo for starting your own group

  2. That would be fun! Quick question though: can you figure out your wi-fi password so other writers can use it?

    1. I can definitely make some wi-fi available!!!

  3. Pick me pick me pick me!!! I'm interested!!

    1. It took me a few minutes to figure out who you were - are you living in the area?? Go to my contact link above and send me your email address and I'll put you on the list!!! :)

  4. That sounds terrifying but also very fun. Does it count if I do a mixture of serious and very silly (the duck blog)? ;)

    1. Of course it counts!!! Every group needs some silly :) I'd love to have you and I'll make it my mission to keep away all the terrifying bits!

    2. Haha. I don't mind terrifying. It is more intimidating than terrifying because I don't feel like a "real writer". Not sure what makes one a "real writer" but I know it feeds my restlessness like nothing else does.

    3. You write. That's a real writer!!! Believe me, it took me a long time to be comfortable with that myself but looking at it as a part of who I am - as a passion and not just a hobby - changed everything!

  5. Replies
    1. You were on my mind when I was writing this!!! I'd LOVE if you were part of it!

    2. Aww, so sweet to be wanted ;) I'd Love to be there and am really excited about this!!


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