October 4, 2015

A Recipe For Writer's Jam

A recipe for writer's jam #write31days Alanna Rusnak

As we gathered around the table for our very first meeting, one of the girls told us how she had tried to explain What In The World A Writing Group Is to her husband.

"I told him it was like when he goes to jam with his band..."

"That's it!" I interrupted her. "This is a Writer's Jam!"

And it makes perfect sense because it's about people coming together to do something they love... together. To "jam".

Writer's Jam noun. a sweet and savory treat; resulting from the simmering of diverse genres,
best served warm with creative highs and poetic word porn.


Writer's Jam verb. creatives actively pursuing support and relationship
through a common adoration of story-telling.

writer's jamIngredients: 

  • 3+ human-sized containers of diverse 'fruit' {weirdos}
  • A distraction-free zone
  • 1 large table with enough chairs to accommodate everyone
  • Drinks: both hot and cold
  • Snacks: if you're a better person {and more prepared} than I usually am
  • 1 'reliable' WiFi connection
  • 2 lbs of open-mindedness
  • 3 lbs of vulnerability
  • One ton of motivation

Combine all ingredients in a house-sized pot and simmer over the supportive warmth of people who 'get you'.

Mix. Enjoy. Repeat.

Want to know how to harvest the 'fruit'? Check out yesterday's post: How To Start A Writer's Group.

http://selfbindingretrospect.alannarusnak.com/2015/09/challenge-accepted-write-31-days.html {click the image above to see all the #write31days posts}
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  1. PerfectIon Alanna. I adore this post. :) it made me smile even though I am only half alive today. :)

  2. Okay. I couldn't see where you were going with this one, but you took me to the perfect place. Super cute and spot on!


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