The Great Netflix Conspiracy

by - October 9, 2015

The great Netflix conspiracy #write31days

The creator's of Netflix believed they were doing the world a favour.

When they punched the sky with their 'I've got an idea' finger, they didn't consider their thoughtlessness. They didn't think about collateral damage. They didn't realize the adverse effects of constantly available content on creatives who should be poured into their craft - not poured into How To Get Away With Murder.

They did it though.

They got away with murder.

How many ideas have died because your brain tells your heart, 'just one more more won't hurt...there's always tomorrow...'?


If I actually stopped and thought honestly about the number of hours I've been mind-numbed by this boob-tube that has morphed into something bigger than anyone can even phathom I would be embarrassed to the point of digging a hole in the field and throwing myself in it.

What a waste!

It's criminal!

I remember how, on 2-for-1 Tuesday afternoons, I would walk from our little upstairs apartment to Hollywood North where I'd pour over endless shelves of VHS tapes - always checking their length because I was not willing to pay full rental fee on anything less than 100 minutes - paying $4 for my two choices - walking back home - thinking myself rather wise and thrifty. 

That was honest movie watching. That was earning it. That was making sure it counted.


For a puny $8 a month, I have literally THOUSANDS of options that I care literally NOTHING about and yet, I sacrifice my precious creative energies to hours of drivel. 

{I'm not saying it's all garbage. I've enjoyed some really great, thought-provoking content - but as a whole? Drivel.}

What if, instead of habitually losing myself in mindless episodes that don't make me a better person, I dedicated all that extra time to losing myself in something that actually centers me and feeds my burning need to create and not just consume?

It's a conspiracy.

The Great Netflix Conspiracy.

And all around the world, artists are dropping like flies.

What the brains behind Netflix don't seem to understand is that if they succeed, if they suck us all into their madness, they will be left with nothing. Because there will be no one left to write anything new. Because all the human robots will be deepening their living room sofa bum-dent and staring straight ahead like a Child of the Corn and watching that little red ring spin as things keep on playing...

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  1. Haha! Yes. This is awesome! LOL

    1. ;) the truth is painful!

    2. I don't even have Netflix, but I have friends that do. And whenever we get a free trial, it's so tempting to binge on ALL.THE.SHOWS.

  2. Haha! I watch while I edit (photography not words) which is great. I waste other hour too though.....

    1. See...that's the right way to do it. Sometimes I fold laundry but you know...ugh!

  3. Oh my goodness! Truth! Loved this. :)

    1. Glad you enjoyed it :) Thanks for stopping by!!

  4. After bee season last year, I locked myself in the study and watched all six seasons of Breaking Bad. I would like to tell you I stopped at the end, but I didn't.

    I no longer have Netflix.

    1. Good for you! Unfortunately I have a whole household who would revolt if I cancelled our subscription.

      I have to work on my own self-control.

      And p.s. LOVED Breaking Bad!

  5. So many choices and so little time to enjoy them all. Binge watching has become my favourite way to watch all our shows too.

    1. It's horribly addicting! I do appreciate not having to wait a whole week for another episode BUT it's so hard to turn it off after one...or two...or three ;)

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks :) and yes, it is true...unfortunately


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