Dear Joni Mitchell ~ 1 {Black Bird Excerpt}

by - November 1, 2015

Meet Peri.

Mother of Bird.

Lost. Broken.

Unable to fully love.

Prisoner to destructive addictions.

Convinced Joni Michell is the only person in the world who might actually understand and be able to save her...

Dear Joni Mitchell,

     I am writing to ask you if you would be my mother. My own mother has left me because I have been ruined by the devil.
    We are kindred souls, you and I but you frighten me because you know everything about me. You are a witch or a prophet and you tell the truth when I’m afraid to.
     Did you know the devil is Irish?
     The janitors of shadowland are real.
     Justice is not just ice.
     JUSTICE IS ONLY ICE because it is a lie.
     If you were my mother we would piss on his hearth and he would pay for each of my scars with new scars of his own.

     I am the mitena. I am the coming moon. I am a shadow of what my false mother dreamed for me.
     Would you dream me new dreams and write me the lyrics of a new world where I might remember to shine?

Thank you for your music. You are my mother and my priest and my soul mate.

Yours always,
    Peri Mitena

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