March 5, 2018

This One Time, They Said My Name on the Radio

Last Friday was World Book Day and, in celebration of that, one of the local(ish) radio stations did a shout-out for reading suggestions from their listeners AND SOMEBODY RECOMMENDED WILDWOOD!

This is made a much bigger deal because it was a complete stranger who left the comment. It's wonderful when friends support you and offer compliments and encouragement, but when it's from a stranger... sigh... that's the stuff!

I received an excited call from a friend who heard my book mentioned on the radio as a result of the Facebook post. How fun is that?! My husband called the station and they were nice enough to to send us the clip.

It may not seem like much, but it's important to celebrate each little victory as it comes! 

And if you haven't read my book yet, it's basically famous, so you should really make it a priority 😉  Grab a copy HERE.

If your browser won't allow you to listen to the embedded player above, you should be able to hear the radio spot HERE.
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