For A Car

by - October 13, 2010

"Mommy, can I get a bank account so I can save money to buy a car?"

This came out of nowhere.  He's almost nine years old.  He is not old enough to be saving for a car.

But I was all, "Of course you can" because I'm certainly not going to buy him one once he is actually driving.  "How are you going to make money?" I asked him.

And together we created a chore chart.

The kitchen chalkboard - bottom right
We put it on the kitchen chalk/magnetic board (thank you, IKEA!) and he marks each completed chore with a magnet (thank you, Dollarama!) and at the end of each week we add up what he's earned.  (Of course, we had to make Liam his own chart because he wants to be just like his brother.)

And you know what?  It's working!  He's getting something he wants (though I'm suspicious it may go towards the purchase of new toys or games before a car) and I'm getting some much-needed help around the house without the old whine and grumble that used to accompany said chores.

And what is better than twenty minutes of one-on-one at the kitchen sink, instigated not by myself but by my eight year old son?  Nothing!  That's what!

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