by - January 14, 2011

this one's my favourite!
Two nights ago I tried yoga.  Last night I created a personalized yoga routine.  And then I did it - the whole thing.  This morning I did that routine again.    And I'm planning on doing it again tomorrow.  WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TO?

I have avoided it for lack of understanding.  I had this weird discomfort over the whole topic - like it was some new-age hog-wash all hail the chubby Buddha kind of thing.  But now, thanks to the wonder of my darling Wii Fit and a new appreciation and concern for my own well-being and posture (and - let's face it - my svelte, toned future body!), I have learned that it is really just about training and strengthening my core and muscles.  Not once has my personal trainer (I've named her Pixie) asked me to "hail Mother Earth" or "summon my inner goddess" as I stretch my spine and work my thighs and tremble through the TREE pose.  Instead, I  take that time, curved or pushed into uncomfortable positions, to meditate on things of a more critical nature.  Like chocolate.  Or coffee.  Or putting chocolate in my coffee.

Or Johnny Depp.

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  1. I keep thinking I've got to get back to yoga - my bones and my muscles and my brain just feel so energized when I do it.

    It's the initial "feel-like-you're-killing-yourself" phase that's hard to get past...oh dear! Hang in there ;)

  2. The fact that we are so full of love for each other and each others (shall we call them works of art) right disturbing...this made me smile at your new obsession. You have become an addict! We are becoming more alike....I am making videos and you are obsessed with something.


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