His Shirt

by - September 27, 2011

"Hon!"  Annoyance, leaked through with amusement.


"That's my shirt!"

"So... I like it."

"Come on - you're gonna stretch boob marks in it!"

"No I'm not...look...I like it.  It's like you're my boyfriend and I'm wearing your clothes.  Don't you want to be my boyfriend?"

He's trying hard to maintain his irritation and deny the obvious sex appeal of me in his t-shirt.

"Hon, come on!" But he's smiling.

"Come on, boyfriend...don't you like it?  I'll let you borrow my pink shirt."

And what choice does he have but to let me win?

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  1. Are you sure you weren't still JUST Scott's girlfriend at the time you took this? Your face looks so young.

    And I see you found the lensflare option in Photoshop? ;)

  2. Took it this afternoon! God bless the surface blur tool :) and yes, I did find the lensflare option - I could waste hours just playing around with effects...too fun!


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