My Vow

by - January 6, 2012

It is my intention to be a sweetheart of an old lady.  I will call people 'Love'.  I will be sugar and spice and everything nice.  I will braid my grey hair and have a rocking chair on the deck.  I will bake pies and cool them in the window.  I will wear an apron.  I will drink Earl Grey and knit mittens for my grandchildren.

I WILL NOT leak my pestilence onto what could have been someone's perfectly lovely day.

I WILL NOT rain down unmerited accusations because I WILL NOT be selfish and entitled.

I WILL NOT sneer and mock and poke snide remarks just because I don't get my way immediately.

I WILL NOT cause the poor girl behind the desk to sputter apology and feel small and want to hide beneath said desk until I finally get my way after telling someone else off.

It is my VOW to be a sweetheart of an old lady.  It is my VOW to be nothing like you who attacked me and my integrity when I was doing nothing but exactly what I was supposed to be doing.

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