Country Confession

by - April 22, 2013

2013 kind of caught me by surprise and here we are already in April and I'm four months older and we've survived the winter and we can taste the summer on our tongues like it's only a prayer away.  I am not made of the stuff that clings to resolutions.  I really haven't given them any thought.  In fact, I'm pretty sure that I was sound asleep when the clock struck midnight on New Years Eve - dreaming through that moment when magic catches wishes and breathes some motivation into them.

But something happened.  Because I was done with the darkness and this big bad world and every news story about people being hurt and political nonsense for monetary gain and anger, anger, anger.  I was over it.  I didn't need it.  YOUR PROPAGANDA?  IT BE BRINGING ME DOWN!

And in a quest for joy - in seeking a little sunshine through the shadow - I turned from news and debate and CBC and PG13 reporting and stumbled upon the most honest thing in the world: country music.  Is there anything better, truer, rawer?  Is there anything lovelier than naked truth, tell-it-like-it-is, 'I sure's'do look sexy in this here cowboy hat, missus'?

There's something to be said for knowing the goings on in the world.  I don't wish myself ignorant.  But I do wish myself happy.  It seems, at this particular moment, that I can't have both. So I choose happy.  Without regret.  (That's not to say that Lee Brice hasn't made me cry on the way to work before.)

So there you have it, my country confession.  I'm looking at the world through a new, red-dirt-road lens and I like it just fine.

You reap what you sow.  You are what you eat.  Save a horse, ride a cowboy.

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  1. I was about to nag you and say "Folk music is better" and realized how stupid that sounded considering folk and country can practically be the same thing sometimes lol.

  2. You're totally right - that's why it was such an easy addition for me :)

  3. I am a country music fan at heart. I grew up listening to the "real" hick stuff, Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson, Paul Brandt, Shania, you name it! Haha... and I love it shamelessly. I certainly can't deny that I would play sad breakup songs when going through a breakup and just cry with my headphones in.

    Country has also brought me through the happy times in my life, the goodies from Keith Urban and Rascal Flatts that you crank up as loud as you can in the car with the windows down... it's good for the soul. :)

  4. Amen, Emily!!!! A whole new world has opened up for me ;)


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