May 13, 2013

When He Loves Me Loudly

He is so thrilled as he presents it, arm extended and pages and pages flopping down and he, on one foot, biting his bottom lip and grinning because he just knows he's going to overflow my heart with all this greatness.  I read it out loud and he explains the pictures and he's oh so proud.  Isn't it strange how the one who can break your heart hardest is also the one who works so hard to stitch it up with sneaky hugs and crayoned patches?

When he loves me loudly I can't help but boast it.  See?  I do matter to this little human who pretends so hard to be stone cold.

And when he loves me loudly I pray I never go deaf.

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  1. I liked the hook of this one :) Super cute! The hippie van cracked me up because I don't have a hard time imagining you'd love one!

  2. AAAAHHHHHAAAHAHAHA... A hippy van because you would love one. Not only does he love you, but he pays attention to who you are. Very special.

  3. There were pages of good stuff but the van was most definitely my favorite! He does pay attention :)

  4. AnonymousMay 13, 2013

    Aww. Love this.

  5. well the one that got me was "only one I love"... that's pretty serious!


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