One Lovely Blog Award

by - February 8, 2014

Go pay her a friendly visit at CrossRoad Farm
Somewhere along the vast corn rows of the Longhorn State lives a bee-keeping, chicken wrangling, tell-it-like-it-is, pretty Texan girl.

She's my friend.

By that I mean I spy on her life and she spies on mine and we have a fine time doing it.

Just this past week I told her that we must be cut from the same cloth - she and I - all for the messes we get in and the loves we have. 

We haven't spoken beyond the vast reach of the internet machine and she was a faceless voice in the ether until I discovered this darling shot of her as a child → and yet, because of her big, friendly heart, she has nominated me for a blog award and I am over-the-moon honored to receive it.

It's a little like getting a card in the mail, a 'Hey, just wanted to let you know I'm thinking about you and YOU'RE NOT ALONE out there!'

I mean, look:

It's like a sparkly blog tiara for this space I work so hard at!

You may think it amounts to little more than a gold star on a first graders spelling test BUT there's a reason teachers give gold stars!

Encouragement is good. It's like a balm for your soul.

Like a hot cup of tea on a cold day.  Like egg rolls.

The Lovely Blog Award rules stand as follows:

1. Thank the person who nominated you.
2. Share seven things about yourself.
3. Nominate other bloggers. (The rules actually stated that I have to nominate 15 but that seemed like an awful lot - so I'm taking away the definite number because I'm a rebel like that.)
4. Notify the nominees.
5. Put the award on your blog.
And so...

To the lovely head behind CrossRoad Farm, thank you for thinking of me - it means the world - like, I kind of want to call my mother and tell her. I will display the award with honor. It is my Oscar.

 Seven things about me?
1. I LOVE egg rolls. {see above}
2. Getting my picture taken causes me to have lip seizures.
3. I have never had more than a sip of wine. I hate it.
4. I eat my sister's road kill casserole and like it.
5. I don't understand Pokemon.
6. Topless men offend me.
7. Each of my children share a name with a 'Buffy The Vampire  Slayer' character.
I am sharing this award with women who blog with integrity and honesty and I want to pass along my thanks to them for being brave enough to share their musings with the world.

I am so pleased to pass along the love to these beautiful women and hope that it blesses them as it has blessed me.

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  1. You are lovely! You deserve the recognition and should be proud to display the badge to let everyone know.

    Thank you for sharing the award with me. You have been encouragement itself as I have started out. This spurs me to continue on this blogging journey with the integrity and honesty the award from you represents.

    1. You're so sweet! I'm glad to be an encouragement just as you are to me. Looking forward to more stories about that darling herd of boys :)

  2. I love it!

    I can't wait to see what blogs you have awarded. I have a nice quiet evening planned, and now I have plenty of reading to do. Thank you for the lovely introduction and for calling me friend. I have been thinking of you the same way. Sort of crazy how this blogging world works. To think that we are so far apart and in the middle of our two crazy worlds - friends!

    As your friend, I think we have more in common than Billy Idol. I love egg rolls. I am not a picture person. I recently drank too much wine, and now I hate it! I don't understand Pokeman and have quit trying. I am highly offended by topless men - gross. My girls name's start with the letter "C". We have a thing with that, and all my dogs have Disney themed names. So, I get the character - themed name thing.

    But - We are going to have to talk more about that number 4 thing!

  3. Road Kill lasagna is on the menu for tomorrow night. Want to come over?

  4. Thank you so much for nominating me Alanna! I am honored. And, you know how much I enjoy your writing and now you have given me a list of others to check out. I will fulfill my requirements to pass this on in my next blog. I wouldn't dare list my seven things about me tonight because there is no way I could match your wit, originality, and creativity after 8 hours of writing social media curriculum. What am I saying...I could never match your wit, originality and creativity! You win the Olympic gold medal in blogging for me...forget the gold star!!!

    1. You are way too kind! An Olympic gold metal? Goodness - I would cry for days ;)


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