Well That Was Embarrassing {Should A Link Party Hurt My Feelings?}

by - February 6, 2014

I am no stranger to rejection.  

I remember sitting at the sliding door, my nose pressed against the glass, waiting for the friends that never showed up. I remember the amazing pinata I'd made from a cereal box - how it hung there in the tree like a body on a noose - the final nail in the coffin of my pitiful dream of gilded nine-year-old popularity.  

My poor mother.  Calling her mother and ladling my broken spirit through the receiver as if my grandma might catch it in a cup, breathe her love upon it and pour it back to fix me like soup.  "Can you come? Please come! Bring her cousin. Nobody Showed Up!"

Such was the big wide curse of a birthday near Christmas.  I was never more important than whatever was happening anywhere else in the entire world.

And so...I am no stranger to rejection.

And once again, like old times, nobody showed up to my party.  I mean, I went - just to test the waters - but no one came in after me.

I thought about having hurt feelings but then I realized a 'link party' isn't really the purpose of this blog, is it? Honestly, I just thought it would be fun to offer a place for people to share their goodies...but then again, that's why we have Pinterest, right?!

If nothing else, I learned a few things:
  • It's easy.  I used InLinkz and the process was a breeze.  (And your first party is free - thank goodness!)
  • I am a much better guest than I am a hostess.  I have no intentions of turning SelfBinding Retrospect into a dedicated crafting space and I think the blogs that are successful with 'parties' are the ones that are 100% dedicated to their craft.
  • I was able to create a super cute linkup button & make it functional {though it didn't get used despite being super cute} so, if nothing else I increased my knowledge in writing simple code and designing pretty blog elements.
  • I realized that perhaps this blog is not the place for other people to share - perhaps it's all for me in all it's pretty glory and I'm okay with that.
  • I won't be a baby about it and I won't take it down just because an empty party makes me look like a loser - I want to be honest in all things, including how nobody wants to play with me *hides face in arm and sobs*

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  1. I have totally missed something here. I am going to look backward to find what I have missed. I would certainly come to your party. I just have no idea what you are talking about.

    Reading backward now.

    As not the birthday thing. My youngest'S birthday is the 27th. Between christmas

  2. Sorry. As I was saying, my youngest's birthday is on the 27th. Between Christmas and New Year is no time to schedule a birthday party. All of her younger years, it was impossible to have a party on her birthday because her friends were out of town. To combat this issue, her Dad always made plans to take her out to a fancy, schmancy dinner somewhere. They would spend a lot of time reviewing restaurants and making their final decision. I always made a point for her to have seperate gifts. Kids do not like to get the combo Christmas/Birthday gift.

    More to the point, as she got older (22 this past birthday), she somehow managed to string her birthday out for an entire week. It would start right after Christmas and go all the way to New Year's Eve. It started out innocently enough. Just everything became for her birthday. "Hey, you want to go ________________? It's my Birthday." "Hey, can I have _______________? It's my Birthday."

    Once people realized that her birthday was so close to the holiday, they couldn't help but jump on board.

    Moral: You can change this birthday thing. You can even make up for past birthdays. It is not about one big event, but about stretching it out over several days or even the whole month if necessary. She really is a master at it at this point.

    As for this other party thing...I am reading now!

    1. OOOO a whole month of birthday celebration sounds absolutely delightful (and bad for the waistline!)

      A couple times we did End of School parties as a replacement for failed birthday parties - those seemed to go splendidly even though all we really offered was a plastic table cloth and a garden hose...but to kids, it was hours of fun!

  3. You have been awarded the Lovely Blog Award . No strings attached. The award stands even if you don't fulfill the requirements. Only fulfill the award if you have time and are inspired.


    1. That's just lovely! Thank you :) I look forward to passing on the love!

    2. Too Funny!

      It took me a moment to figure out what picture you were talking about here. I was not really paying attention to the post you commented on. Yes, you can use the picture. I am really curious to read your little blog award ditty now. It is one of only two pictures I have posted of myself. Sorry. I'm weird that way.

      Because I know you are supposed to be working - I will save you from searching for the other post. Pink hat:


      I don't think you are a weirdo, and it's Candi.

      Now get back to work!

    3. Ha! Thank you!

      And, yeah...not at all how I pictured you - funny how that works!

      And yum...honey :)

      I'm going to pull your photo right now...stay tuned!

  4. Aw that sucks. :(
    Your project was really cute, I just didn't have a craft project to post or I would have. :)
    I actually thought of you when I was starting the repainting the basement rec room project and we have these forest green fabric speakers built in so I was like hm.. just keep the paint thin like Alanna did (although we have yet to actually use these speakers) but in the end I think i will probably just get new fabric since it is pretty thin and hard to paint. we will see though

    1. Yeah - I'd say replace if it's just thin cloth...just think of the possibilities!!! So fun! Mine really left me with no option unless I wanted to take the whole until apart and I Am LAZY and I did not want to open that can of worms! Good luck :)

  5. Oh no, I missed it! I didn't read your last post until after I saw this one. Although you faced disappointment, you were still able to glean insight and experience which you shared with your audience. Anyone considering hosting a linkup will find this useful. What a great attitude you have!

  6. I think we all missed something! Remember you have to post something like that a couple times everyday for at least 3 days to ensure people see it. My newsfeed is so full that I don't see most of your stuff until I go on your website. I would have come and then we would have laughed at everyone else for not coming.


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