Top 10 Joy Entries

by - June 4, 2014

I know I've said it already but I'm going to say it again: Thank you, thank you, thank you for participating in last month's giveaway by sharing your daily joys.  I really enJOYed reading each and every one of them. And, as I promised in my last post, here are my ten favorites {which was really hard because they were all so AMAZING and JOYFUL}

Top 10 Joys - SelfBinding Retrospect by Alanna Rusnak

In no particular order:

1. Little girls drinking tea.

2. Some days it's hard to find the joy but we do not concede - we keep searching. Our little girl is sick and so the joy in our house has faded  - but not completely - seeing her light up at the sight of her best friend lit up joy in my heart today - even for a moment.

3. Slobbery baby kisses.

4. Knowing that each night apart from her is another night closer together.

5. Kijiji ads for guard llamas.

6. Sun-warmed dirt on my toes as I dig in the garden.

7. Listening to my daughter sing 'Let It Go' for the thousandth time.

8. Early Saturday mornings in a still house before the day erupts.

9. Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens.

10. Finding a quaint bakery by the river with good coffee.

seek joyP.S. The images for this post were created in an app called Word Swag {which I would recommend to anyone wanting a simple way to add text to images}

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  1. If you made this... I NEED to know what fonts you used. Lovely!

    1. I did make this BUT each image was created in an app called Word Swag (which is my favorite text-on-image app of the moment - it has so many great options! I had to pay extra for some of the fonts but they're cool enough that I thought it was totally worth it!) then I brought it all together in Photoshop for the collage :)


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