September 29, 2015

Challenge Accepted ~ Write 31 Days

Designed to challenge writers to delve deeper, Write 31 Days is an online dare to write daily through the month of October on ONE TOPIC.


But I'm rising to it.

Because 1 - I enjoy a good challenge

And 2 - I'm 'training' for the marathon that is November's NaNoWriMo.

My topic?

Writing. Because what better way to spend 31 days of writing than writing about writing?!

a writer's truth #write31daysThis post will serve as an archive of my challenge and I'll link through to each post from here. {Titles are subject to change as the month goes on but I had to make a plan in order to convince myself that I could do it.}

October 1 - 10 Signs You May Be A Writer
October 2 - Why Non-Writers Will Never Understand You
October 3 - How To Start A Writer's Group
October 4 - Recipe For 'Writer's Jam'
October 5 - The Importance Of A Writer's Space
October 6 - How To Coffee Shop Write Like A Boss
October 7 - The Quest For The Perfect Notebook {and the importance therein}
October 8 - Morning Writer Envy
October 9 - The Great Netflix Conspiracy
October 10 - How I Stopped Being Embarrassed To Say "I Am A Writer!"
October 11 - Why Blogging Is The Perfect Discipline For A Writer
October 12 - Counting My Writing Blessings
October 13 - An Argument For NaNoWriMo
October 14 - The Truth About NaNoWriMo {reality vs. expectation}
October 15 - Preparing For NaNoWriMo
October 16 - What's In My Writer's Toolbox
October 17 - How Writing Is Like A Marriage
October 18 - Daydreaming {the art of productively gazing into space}
October 19 - When You Don't Want To Write Another Word
October 20 - How To Ask A Writer What Her Book Is About
October 21 - Creating A Soundtrack For Your Story
October 22 - How Writing A Novel Is Like Giving Birth
October 23 - What Scares Me About Writing?
October 24 - How To Get Over Your Fear Of Self-Promotion
October 25 - How To Edit Your Own Work
October 26 - Finding & Knowing Your Writer's Voice
October 27 - Understanding What Kind Of Writer You Are {and accepting it}
October 28 - Why You Shouldn't Be A Hermit {but you should be able to say no without feeling guilty}
October 29 - 9 Signs You Live With A Writer
October 30 - Why Letting Others Read Your Manuscript Is Like Sending A Child To Kindergarten
October 31 - When You Write 'The End'
I hope you'll stay with me through it all. And who knows...maybe you'll find your own inner writer and join me.

Cheers to 31 days!

P.S. October 31 is also my final goal to have my novel manuscript ready and off to the first batch of beta readers so wish me luck as I finish it up AND complete this challenge AND prepare for NaNoWriMo, 2015. 

P.P.S. Yikes!
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  1. Replies
    1. :) I hope you're joining me!!! ?

    2. I am!! I was panicking as I read your post as I had yet to really nail down a theme while you have the full 31 days laid out already. However, I believe I have finally stumbled upon THE theme. My excitement is building as the ideas keep rolling...

    3. YAY!!! Can't wait to read what you've come up with!

  2. Is this a "anybody in" sort of challenge? Or is it affiliated with someone or something? I haven't even been able to write for one day, let alone a whole month. Could my topic be "my life" "my summer"?

    I would really have to think hard about this.

    However, I totally commend you! I know it doesn't seem like it, but I have been following you still. You are always a welcome break from my crazy!

    1. Ha! Glad you're still around ;)

      Yes - it's for EVERYONE!!! I'd love if you joined up. I think summer was tough on all of us - blogging wise - this is a good way to get back into the groove!

      It was my friend Michelle (see the comment above) who told me about it. The more the merrier, I think!!

  3. Replies
    1. One topic/theme - every day through October - you can write as much or as little as you want each day. You can officially join up through that little 31 Days button at the bottom of my post - plus you'll find all the other info you might need :)

  4. Awesome topic! I've tossed the idea around of joining NanoWriMo this year too and am doing the 31 day challenge as a way to see how disciplined I can be with writing each day. I look forward to reading more of your posts and your insights into the writing world.

    1. Thanks, Brianna - I think this challenge is the perfect training for NaNoWriMo! Good luck as you take it on (and if you sign up for NaNo, look for me and add me as a buddy!)

  5. I am SO in! Really looking forward to this series. I did NaNoWriMo in 2007, which was by far the most grueling month of my life, lol. I wrote the 50,000th word an hour before the deadline, burst into tears, stuffed the manuscript in a drawer and didn't look at it again for 7 years. I might have an issue or two. :)

    1. Aw...I totally understand the feeling. My first NaNo was last year and it was gruelling but I think the pressure and chaos really helped me chase after what I wanted. Hope you'll be facing it again. Who knows...maybe my writing series will light a fire ;) (here's hoping, right?) I'm curious...has your NaNo project resurfaced yet? I think everything has potential if you give it space to breathe! Anyway, good luck in your writing pursuits. And don't worry...we all have issues ;)

  6. I'm looking forward to all of these, man you are organized having all of your themes already ready!

    1. Ha! It's only out of necessity. I'm not normally this organized - trust me! It's just that if I want to finish my novel and prep for NaNoWriMo and do this challenge it was the only way for me to keep my head firmly attached to my shoulders :)


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