We're Moving To Sweden!

by - October 24, 2016

Life isn't interesting enough, is it? We have to go and throw in some crazy plan to keep things...well...crazy. As we sat at the dinner table a few weeks ago Zander announced our future: Let's move to Sweden!

"Okay," I said. "But why?"

"They pay kids to go to high school."

"Awesome! Tell you what, you go do some research. Report back the cost of relocating, flights, shipping our stuff, buying a new car, how much we could make on the sale of our house and the probability of it selling fast enough...and if it all checks out we'll go! Easy peasy!" 



He has yet to present his findings. I think he's all talk.

There is something appealing about it all though...but I do wonder...would IKEA instructions still come with an English option?

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  1. There are words in IKEA instructions?

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