Wildwood Shortlisted for Kobo Emerging Writer Prize

by - May 2, 2018

On May 2, 2017, The Church in the Wildwood went live on Amazon, and yesterday, May 1, I received notice via email that it has been shortlisted for the Fourth Annual Kobo Emerging Writer Prize in the literary fiction category. I can't think of a better book birthday present! One of the other finalists said he was 'stunned and delighted' and there's no better way to say it, so I'll say it too:


When I opened the email I told my co-worker yelled across the office (and scared her half to death) that my book was shortlisted for a literary award. I'm pretty sure I had both hands over my head, punching the sky like a complete dork, but I don't even care. Crown me the Queen of Dorktown*.


It wasn't until about twenty minutes later that I read through the entire press release they sent me and realized I was invited to attend the fancy awards event in Toronto next month. GAH! What do you call it when something is thrilling and terrifying at the same time? And what does one even wear to an event such as this? And why oh why didn't I buy that great pair of boots when I was shopping with my sister on Sunday???!!

I'm sharing space on the list with five other Canadian authors and their debut novels. I'm up against some tough competition, and I tip my crown** to them and their incredible talent. (I've since ordered copies of each of their books, so that if I meet them in June, I'll have something intelligent to say to them instead of, "So this is super cool, eh?') No matter the outcome, I'll be able to say I made the shortlist for a major competition and that is prize enough

Come back at the end of June. I promise to tell you every socially awkward moment of the awards ceremony 😜

Also, if you haven't read my book yet, order it now. If the honour of this listing tells you anything, it should be that it's worth your time 😉 If you're still not convinced, read this new review that was posted last week.

If you're local and you want a SUPER GOOD DEAL - come and visit me at the Neustadt Craft Show this Saturday ($2 at the door). A heavy box of The Ghost of Iris Carver arrived yesterday for that very occasion. I'll also have (limited) copies of Wildwood as well as other titles for sale - most of which will have at least a couple dollars knocked off the regular price.

To each and every one of you who have been following my publishing journey since the beginning: without your support I'd just be a weirdo tossing words into the ether; you've kept me from invisibility, picked me up when I've felt inadequate, and offered the right encouragement at the right moment. Thank you. Thank you for being here and putting up with me. I am forever in your debt.

*Send crowns to Alanna Rusnak, RR3 Durham, ON
** Seriously... where are my crowns?

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  1. We can remedy that boot shopping mistake, just tell me when.


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